09.11.2019 Malmö, Babel. With Rein.



28.09.19 Stockholm, Nalen Klubb. Opening for Cat rapes dog.

20.09.19 Göteborg, Truckstop Alaska. With Anna Öberg and Unsynced.

14.09.19 Wiesbaden: KreativFabrik. With 100 kilo Hertz.

13.09.19 KÖLN: Helios 37. With Die Düsen, The Movement and Prada Meinhoff.

25.07.19 Uppsala, Norrlands nation. Glorious releaseparty for Wolfenstein: Youngblood by MachineGames.

02.06.19 Netherlands, Maastricht, LBB.

01.06.19 Belgium-Liége, LaZone. With KILKIL

30.05.19 Belgium-Charleroi, Rockrill. With KILKIL

29.05.19 France-Lille, CCL. With KILKIL

23.05.19 Plan B, Malmö. With Cocaine Piss and Söder om söder.

18.05.19 Norway-Oslo, Blitz. With Hårda tider, Sauropod, Modern love, Linda Lazer

03.05.19 SWE-Malmö, KB. Opening for Crew of me&you. (Felix and Maja from The Sounds)

19.04.19 Belgium-Liége, KulturA. Release party for Le Prince Harry. With Bazooka, Constance Chlore and DJ Lovepills

05.04.19 SWE-Stockholm, Debaser strand. Opening for Alice in Videoland

24.11.18 SWE-Gothenburg, Sticky fingers. Opening for Alice in videoland

23.11.18 SWE-Malmö, Grand. Opening for Alice in videoland

12.10.2018 SWE-Malmö, Kulturbolaget. Opening for The Sounds

31.08.2018 SWE-Gothenburg, Musikens hus. With Nobunny, Hotet, Poppys, Slushy, Manikins, Tomma intet and Death Party

25.08.18 SWE-Stockholm, Södra Teatern (Hymn party)

18.08.2018 Stemweder Open Air festival. With Supercharger, Düse, Rattengold and more...

17.08.18 Hamburg, Molotow

11.08.2018 SWE-Malmö, Malmöfestivalen

04.08.18 SWE-Malmö, Mässingshornet

03.08.18 SWE-Vrigstad, Sjööset festival

15.06.18 SWE-Trollhättan, Subkultfestivalen

02.06.18 SWE-Göteborg, Kajskjul 46

11.05.18 Fürth, Open Air am Lindehain

05.05.18 Kassel, Heart Attack Festival. With Sub-urban Death, The Kendolls, Zeke.

04.05.18 Halle, VL Mai Open Air

03.05.18 Berlin, Lohmühle Wagenplatz

01.05.18 Lübeck, Treibsand (Maifest) With The Kendolls and many more.

30.04.18 Wilhelmshaven, Kling Klang                                                                         

13.04.18 SWE-Göteborg, Hängmattan

01.04.18 Darmstadt, Oetinger Villa. With Hildegard von bingedrinking.

31.03.18 Siegen, VEB. With Hildegard von bingedrinking and Yass.

30.03.18 NL-LOLA, Groningen. With Le Prince Harry.

29.03.18 Aachen, Musikbunker

28.03.18 Köln, Sonic Ballroom

27.03.18 Frankfurt, SECRET SHOW

25.03.18 Bonn, BLA

24.03.18 Fürth, Kopf & Kragen

23.03.18 Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei



11.11.2017 Växjö - Café Deluxe. Private birthday party


Switzerland with Le Prince Harry:

07.10.2017 Genéve - L'éCurie

06.10.2017 Bern - Familie Osterhase

05.10.2017 Lausanne - Zelig

04.10.2017 Lausanne - Porno Diesel


16.09.2017 GER-Hamburg, Hafenklang

16.09.2017 TIDE Radio Hamburg. Four songs in the radio studio

15.09.2017 GER-Wilhelmshaven, Kling Klang. With Dyse

14.09.2017 GER-Dortmund, FZW. Bierschinken festival. With Ghost Wolves, The Decibelles, The Kendolls, The Sensitives, Piss test, and more...

13.09.2017 GER-Wiesbaden, Kreativfabrik. With The Deadnotes.

09.09.2017 Rebus, Helsingborg. Pride Helsingborg.

07.09.2017 Plan B, Malmö. With Hedda Hatar, Decibelles.

02.09.2017 Action i parken, Göteborg. With True Moon, Nighviper and more.

01.09.2017 Debaser Strand, Stockholm. With Burning Kitchen, The Dahmers, Rotten mind, Svart Katt.


01.07.2017 GER-Negenharrie, Off The Radar Festival

30.06.2017 GER-Berlin, Cortina Bob


27.05.2017 Göteborg film studios. Private party for Sakcenter anniversary

20.05.2017 GER-Kaiserslautern, Benderhof

19.05.2017 GER-Köln, Sonic Ballroom

18.05.2017 GER-Mannheim, Kurzbar

17.05.2017 GER-Darmstadt, Oetinger Villa


12.05.2017 GER-Wermelskirchen, AJZ. With Warwound, Idestroy and Radical suckers.

11.05.2017 GER-Oberhausen, Druckluft


22.04.2017 Malmö, Rundgång. The second gig of record store day.

22.04.2017 Lund, HepCat Store. Record store day at the record and clothing store of our Record label.

25.03.2017 Malmö, Plan B. With The Tits, Five o'clock traffic, Le Prince Harry

24.03.2017 Jönköping, Insikten. With Le Prince Harry

23.03.2017 Copenhagen, Lygtens Kro. With Le Prince Harry



Babel, Malmö. With Rein.


Private Roller disco birthday party and music video recording.


Vinylbaren The Tivoli, Helsingborg


Action i Parken. Gothenburg.


Malmöfestivalen, Malmö.


Sjööset festival, Vrigstad. With Black temple, Drivvedsfolket, So many mammals and many more...


Mühlen madness festival, Aachen, Germany. With Clowns, Fuzzy vox and many more...


Charleroi, Belgium. With Cocaine piss.


Noisenäs festival, Mora. With Skraeckoedlan, Maida Vale, Svarta stugan and many more...


Tillbakakaka festival, Ingelstad.


Suicide Records 10-year anniversary. Kajsjul 46, Gothenburg.


Antifascist 1st of May celebration in Fæelledparken, Copenhagen. With Gnucci, Khalazer, Kvinder der kender din crop, META, Ren reflex. Many thousands of people in the audience enjoying this great day!


Kafe deluxe, with Strebers


AJZ Bahndamm, Wermelskirchen, Germany

With Komplikations, Dr. Dreck and Feral Kizzy.


JuZ, Mannheim, Germany.


Z-Bau, Nürnberg, Germany.


Black Fleck, Potsdam, Germany.


Goldgrube, Kassel, Germany.


Kling-Klang, Wilhelmshaven, Germany. With Schwerkraft and Brack.


Le Fou de face, Liège, Belgium.


Pacific Parc, Amsterdam, Netherlands. With Futuro Terror.


Backstage, Hoorn, Netherlands.


ACU, Utrecht, Netherlands.


Kinky Star, Ghent, Belgium.


Café central, Brussels, Belgium. The morning after was the bombing of the airport and subway. Luckily, we were driving, not flying or riding the subway.


Mattias 30th birthday party, Haarlem. Spontaneous second gig same night in Mattias small apartment. We don't know Mattias, but now we love him.


The Morgue, Leeuwarden, Netherlands. Terrible gig, nobody came. And it was cold. But we played! Afterwards we drove to Haarlem and Tobias drank four beers in one hour.


Hafermarkt, Flensburg, Germany. With Vicious Irene


Insane in Spain/France/Basque Country. Short tour with Le Prince Harry


Soraluze, Basque Country. Nice place in the small city of Soraluze in the mountains. Heavy rain, and a flooded river. Great people and great party with lots of dancing, even though few people in the audience. Tobias wore a boot taped to his head, Alan wore clippers in his hair and Lio wore golden leggings. Great finish on a really fun tour.


Bermeo, Basque Country. Small place, but packed! Le Prince Harry helped us improve the lyrics to "Bad things" and made the whole audience sing along to the lyrics "Cat piss in your face!"


Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid, Spain. Small audience, but great show and a looooong night of partying after...


Le Ravelin, Toulouse, France. Small place, but packed!



KB, Malmö. With Riot horse and Kill the Kong. Great gig and a pretty big audience with many friends. Tobias wore star child makeup and hair (Paul Stanley in Kiss)



BETA, Copenhagen. With The Slinkers and The war goes on.

30.10.2015 Kulturhuset, Jönköping (w. Drivvedsfolket)



Kajskjul 46, Gothenburg. With Honningbarna and Your ciscock is not a peacock.



Private corporate party, Norrköping. Theme for the evening ”Landstinget”. Blue plastic shoe covers on everybody in the audience, plastic cup holders, smörgåstårta and everybody shouting ”firmafest!” Great show thanks to the fantastic audience.



The tube club, Grand, Malmö. With Lighthouse



Plan B, Malmö. Festival for the premier of Plan B. With Som åska, Nova blast and Sista Bossen.


15.8.2015 Diamantminen, Copenhagen. Queer dance party with 2000 silver origami and glitter everywhere! Probably our sweatiest gig...



t-Landhuis, Ghent. With Hostilidades (their final-final show)


Rock Classic, Brussels. With Great white death and Symposium of sound.


Rockerill, Charleroi. With Chicken Diamond and Empereur.


Café Glocksee, Hannover. With The Durgas.



Glassfabriken, Malmö. With Snake.


Moriskan, Malmö. Feminist festival


Bumzen, Copenhagen. Antifa suportparty


Hep cat day, Lund, Sweden. With J-tex, Seguwita and more...


Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen. With Artificial monuments and Ausmuteants.



Releaseparty for Die 7", Rebus, Helsingborg


The Die tour april-may 2015:

(first single just released)


3.5.2015 - Tommy Haus - Berlin. With Schnur and Wayne lost soul. Small audience on this sunday after first of may and all, but a really nice evening finishing the Die tour with great people.

2.5.2015 - Köpi - Berlin. With Miss Tetanos and Le Prince Harry. There are rats at Köpi, but the audience was dancing and amazing.

1.5.2015 - Zoro - Leipzig. With Miss Tetanos and Le Prince Harry. Great lineup, great audience! Fun gang and fun evening.

30.4.2015 - Imme - Chemnitz. With Ursula and Stargate.

29.4.2015 - Muz Club -Nürnberg. With Miss Tetanos.

28.4.2015 - The Clearing Barrel - Kaiserslautern. Steamy windows because the place was packed with dancing people… Awesome gig, and the second gig of the day!

28.4.2015 - Haus Mainusch - Mainz. Laser punk lunch. Because our car broke down we didn’t make for the gig on the 27th. Did a lunch concert at the 28th instead.

26.4.2015 - Craftday! @the irrational library -Haarlem. Also got filmed reading porn while doing acrobatics for Mr. Weirdbeard’s ”Weirdorama”.

25.4.2015 - Vorst in de grond/Patronaat - Haarlem. One day festival with:











24.4.2015 - AJZ Bahndamm - Wermelskirchen. With Static me, Naive and Beat poeten. Got cinnamon rolls and strong coffee (because Emma jokingly wrote it in our rider…)

23.4.2015 - Magasin 4 -Brussels. With Surgical beat bros and Miss Tetanos. Got to cuddle fluffy kittens (because Emma jokingly wrote it in our rider…)

22.4.2015 - Kinky star- Ghent. A happy return to where we played one year earlier.

21.4.2015 - The Pit’s, Kortrijk, Belgium. With Belly hole freak.

18.4.2015 - Pacific Parc, Amsterdam, Holland. With The sex organs. Big and dancing audience including a bunch of pogos… The sex organs was the absolute coolest!

17.4.2015 - War in your head punkfest, Hamburg.


28.3.2015 - Stationshuset, Röstånga. With Drivvedsfolket.

21.3.2015 - 128A, Gothenburg. With Kenni and Dark matter.

20.3.2015 - Blitz, Oslo. With Kenni, Dark matter and Forhead split.

28.3.2015 - KKSB, Helsingborg. With Mambe MC feat. Danochilango


13.12.2014 - Musikhuset, Norrköping. With Drivvedsfolket. Medieval dress-up party with a castle-stage, total madness and so much fun! If you combine laser with medieval times you get Masters of the universe, so it was only logical that we entered the stage to the He-man intro music...


21.11.2014 - Inkonst, Malmö. With Vanligt folk. One year since our last Malmö gig. One broken knee. Great backstage: cookies, coffee, glamour mirrors and even a SHOWER! :)


8 nov 2014 - KAW, Leverkusen. With Los Gringos and Alte Schule Masthorn.

7 nov 2014 - Patronaat, Haarlem. With G.Rag / Zelig implosion, Fred Raspail, Freeborn brothers. Arranged by Irrational library.

6 nov 2014 - Pitchers, Haarlem

5 nov 2014 - Café central, Brussels


1 nov 2014 - Kajskjul 46, Gothenburg. With Terrible feelings and Beast. Co-arrangement between Filler and Suicide records


28 sept 2014 - Lohmüle, Berlin.

27 sept 2014 - Zorofest, Leipzig.

26 sept 2014 - Freiraum Elbtal, Dresden. With Gomorra, Grand Collapse and some pirate-gypsy-folk-punk mess...

25 sept 2014 - Buben, Prague.


30 aug 2014 - High voltage, Copenhagen. Opening up for the danish rockers Taras. The club is in a basement and heavy rain flooded the whole place, but no-one cared and the party went on all night...


23 august 2014 - Färingtofta church. Played "I follow rivers" by Lykke Li at two friends' wedding. Bass guitar and vocals only.


Mini European tour:

16 august 2014 - Schönraus festival, Enkenbach-Alsenborn, Germany. With Meshukatzot and others.

15 august 2014 - PFF!, Mainz, Germany. With the excellent bands Meshukatzot and Sleep till 11. Moshpit! Discotaxi!

14 august 2014 - LBB, Maastricht, Netherlands.


2 august 2014 - Äspöfestivalen, Klagstorp, Sweden

19 july 2014 - Henriksberg, Göteborg, Sweden. With The dead next door.

18 july 2014 - Sjööset festival, Vrigstad, Sweden. With Drivvedsfolket and others

12 july 2014 - Bumzen, Copenhagen, Denmark

14 june 2014 – The Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden.. ”Helltown freaks” suspension show.

6 june 2014 – Storgatans dag, Gothenburg, Sweden. Heavy rain, Tobias got electric shocks from the guitar.

31 may 2014 – Private party, Norrköping, Sweden. Played The Star trek TNG theme and ”Pump up the jam” as a bonus.


European tour:

10 may 2014 – KAW, Leverkusen, Germany.

9 may 2014 – Bundeshaus, Zürich, Switzerland.

8 may 2014 – Panic Room, Essen, Germany.

7 may 2014 – Kinky Star, Gent, Belgium. Tobias played as Spock and broke his guitar.

6 may 2014 – Cantina del Rock, Merchtem outside Brussels, Belgium.

3 may 2014 – Pilot, Praha, Czech Republic. With Moscow death brigade, What we feel and Memento mori.

2 may 2014 – Café glocksee, Hannover, Germany. With Melt banana


28 march 2014 – A world of music festival, The Tivoli Circus, Helsingborg, Sweden. With Black Temple, Supercharger and Antilop.

24 january 2014 – Gokinema, Gothenburg film festival, Sweden. Sakcenter promofilm premiere.

14 dec 2013 – KKSB, Helsingborg, Sweden.

23 nov 2013 – Sugar ditch, Malmö, Sweden.

9 nov 2013 – The Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden. With The Sounds and Victor & the blood.

18 okt 2013 – Southside, Stockholm, Sweden. With Västerbron.

12 sept 2013 – Sydskånska nationen, Lund, Sweden. With The Bandettes.

24 aug 2013 – Musikhuset, Norrköping, Sweden. With Skraeckoedlan, Black Temple and Hong Faux.

2 aug 2013 – Sjööset, Vrigstad, Sweden. Festival with Skraeckoedlan, Black Temple and others.

29 july 2013 – Helsingborgsfestivalen, Rådhusscenen, Sweden.

12 july 2013 - Guerillafestivalen, Hjärnarp, Sweden. With Black Temple and others.

6 june 2013 – Storgatans dag, Gothenburg, Sweden.

31 may 2013 – Little finger art magazine release party, Malmö, Sweden. White walls, bright light...


New York:

21 march 2013 – The Delacey, New York, USA.

18 march 2013 – The Trash club, New York, USA.

16 march 2013 – Goodbye blue monday, New York, USA


28 dec 2012 – ABF Folkets hus, Helsingborg, Sweden.

18 aug 2012 – Metalbaren, The Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden.

20 july 2012 – Borgen, Malmö, Sweden.

18 july 2012 – Stapeln, Malmö, Sweden.

13 july 2012 – Crooked moon tattoo, Helsingborg, Sweden. Acoustic set in tattoo parlor.

20 june 2012 – Midsummer party, Gatugården, Höganäs, Sweden. Shot the video for ”Give it”.

31 may 2012 – Siestafestivalen, Hässleholm, Sweden.

16 december 2011 – Crooked moon opening party, The Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden. With Riddarna. Four songs.